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Tree Surgery in Bagshot, Camberley and Surrey

Established in 2001, and with experience in the tree surgery sector dating back to 1996, Branch Management Tree Services cover all major locations in Surrey including Bagshot, our home town, and Camberley. We have a small team of qualified NPTC tree surgeons to assist you with traditional arboricultural services which include tree felling and removal, crown reduction, crown thinning, deadwood removal and stump grinding.


Because we also have a selection of general landscaping skills at our disposal, hedge cutting services can be provided to help preserve the natural beauty of gardens and woodlands.


The majority of our tree surgery services are provided within the private sector for domestic property owners. This type of work sees our tree surgeons working in garden space or on surrounding land. Continuous growth has also seen our reputation spread into the commercial sector, where we undertake tree surgery projects for letting agents, landlords, property management companies and developers in Bagshot, Camberley and Surrey.


Our tree surgeons are qualified to assist you in the following:

• Dead and Dangerous Tree Removal

• Crown Reduction and Thinning

• Felling and Land Clearance

• Pruning and Reducing

• Stump Grinding and Removal

• Hedge Cutting and Shaping

image of a tree being cut down
image of a man reducing the canopy of a tree

Tree Removal – There are two different tree surgery techniques used for tree removal. The one we recommend will be dependent on the layout of your property, the presence of other properties and activity from the general public. Directional felling is used by our tree surgeons on any project in Bagshot, Camberley or the surrounding areas where no harm can be caused to other trees or people, and where no damage can be caused to nearby homes.


If there is a risk of danger to life or property, our tree surgeons will use sectional dismantling practices instead. This form of tree surgery sees limbs removed from top to bottom using ropes to lower them to the ground. The remaining trunk is then dismantled in the same way. Sectional dismantling promotes safe and controlled tree removal in confined spaces.

Crown Reduction and Thinning – Domestic and commercial customers in the Bagshot and Camberley areas choose crown reduction as a tree surgery practice to reduce the overall canopy size. Deadwood and crossed branches are removed or pruned evenly to detailed specifications and in doing so, our tree surgeons reduce the risk of pathogens and disease.


No more than 30% of the foliage is removed from mature trees. The crown reduction procedure provides the following benefits:

• Improved Aesthetic Value

• Prevents Future Damage

• Balances Weight Issues

• Promotes Healthy Growth

• Reduces Vigorous Growth

• Improved Branch Health

• Protection of Main Branches

• Reduced Crown Weight

• Dangerous Branches Removed

• Aesthetic Value Maintained

Crown thinning is a slightly different tree surgery method where inner branches are selectively removed from the crown. This allows air to move freely throughout the canopy and light to penetrate through the crown without affecting the overall shape of the tree. Deadwood and crossing branches are still removed by our tree surgeons.


Bagshot, Camberley and Surrey property owners see the following benefits:

image of a tree stump grinder removing a stump from the ground
image of a neatly trimmed hedge

Stump Grinding – Following any type of tree removal, a stump remnant will remain which, through deterioration, could spread bacteria to otherwise healthy specimens. Our tree surgeons have access to innovative stump grinding machinery which mechanically takes tree stumps below subfloor level, leaving Bagshot and Camberley land clear of tripping hazards.


Stump grinding has become the most common tree surgery practice for remnant removal. Once a stump is reduced to below-ground level, natural decomposition leaves a mulch which can be either taken away by our qualified team of tree surgeons, or left in place at your domestic or commercial property for future landscaping use.

Hedge Cutting – The tree surgeons at Branch Management Tree Services also undertake basic landscaping work in Bagshot, Camberley and Surrey. This includes hedge cutting, which takes place seasonally at periods defined by the hedge species. Our company also monitors bird nesting activity to ensure local ecosystems are preserved.


Hedge cutting services are usually requested for reduction or shaping purposes. Property owners who book in for regular hedge cutting preserve curb appeal and enjoy easier access to, from or around their land. All waste derived from hedge cutting work in Bagshot and Camberley is ethically recycled and used as a sustainable fuel source.

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